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A, Mr. Kiran    Development of Shoreline Response Assessment System for Planning Sustainable Coastal Structures Resilience Programs
ABRAHAM, Douglas    Optimization of M-of-N detectors in heavy-tailed noise Sonar Signal Processing III
ABRAHAM, Douglas    Phase estimation in heavy-tailed noise for co-prime arrays Sonar Array Design II
ABUJOUB, Mr. Shadi    Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Landing on Maritime Vessels using Signal Prediction of the Ship Motion Automatic Control
ACOSTA, Prof. Gerardo    AUV Position Tracking Control Using End-to-End Deep Reinforcement Learning AUV Positioning & Navigation
AGRAWAL, Dr. Monika    Noncircularity-Exploitation to Design the Sparse Array for DoA Estimation Sonar Signal Processing I
ALAM, Tauhidul    An Underactuated Vehicle Localization Method in Marine Environments AUV Positioning & Navigation
ALIBANI, Michael    Super Twisting Sliding Mode Control for Precise Control of Intervention Autonomous Underwater Vehicles AUVs: AI control
ALIBANI, Michael    Decoupled Sampling-Based Motion Planning for Multiple Autonomous Surface Vehicles AUV Swarm Navigation & Control I
ALIBANI, Mr. Michael    Development of the Guidance Navigation and Control System of the Folaga AUV for Autonomous Acoustic Surveys in the WiMUST Project Automatic Control
ALVES, Mr. Joao    Development of a Software-Defined and Cognitive Communications Architecture at CMRE Acoustic Telemetry III: Protocols
ANCUTI, Dr. Cosmin    Effective Local Backscattering Estimation for Underwater Image Enhancement Underwater Optics
APPUKUTTAN NADAR SANTHAKUMARI, Mr. Kiran    Environmentally friendly shore protection using Geosynthetic tubes: A case study from East coast of India Green and Gray Infrastructure
AUBENY, Prof. Charles    The Performance of Suction Caissons for Floating Offshore Wind Turbines under Inclined Cyclic Survival Loads Offshore Structure Performance
B, Kesavakumar    Indian Ocean Observation program - Two Decades of Service to the Society Resilience Programs
BACHMAN, Julia    The Bagel: Development of a Stable Towing Frame and Consistent Procedures for Sampling Phytoplankton New tools for biological sampling
BAILEY, Duncan Data collection with the power of the crowd Social Challenges Intensified with a Changing Climate
BAO, Dr. Shaowu    The Need and Rationale for A Coastal Flood Risk Index Coastal Hazards
BARROS, Mr. Rodrigo Emanoel    Development and characterization of a autonomous underwater acoustic recording system Acoustic Telemetry I
BEHGAM, Mr. Mohammadhossein    Coding for Short Messages in Multipath Underwater Acoustic Communication Channels Student Poster Competition
BENNACEUR, Dr. Iannis    Target Localization in Depth and Range from Passive Sonar Sonar Signals: Target ID
BERG, Dr. Henrik    Classification of anti-submarine warfare sonar targets using a deep neural network Classification I: Sonar
BEROUNSKY, Veronica    Canine Detection of Fecal Coliform Bacteria from Human Sources in the Pettaquamascutt Estuary, RI Pollution Monitoring II
BIRCH, James    Autonomous Targeted Sampling of the Deep Chlorophyll Maximum Layer in a Subtropical North Pacific Eddy Data Visualization
BLAYLOCK, Dr. Reginald    SeaweedPaddock: Sargassum Ranching Ocean Energy: Novel Approaches
BLAYLOCK, Dr. Reginald    Adjustable Depth Ocean Forests: the next step for aquaculture Ocean Energy: Novel Approaches
BLOM, Dr. Koen    QoS-enabled underwater acoustic communications Acoustic Telemetry IV
BODA, CDR Kenneth    The U.S. Coast Guard Heavy Polar Icebreaker Acquisition Vehicle Design & Hydrodynamics
BOEHM, Mr. Jordan    Characterization, Modeling, and Simulation of an ROV Thruster using a Six Degree-of-Freedom Load Cell AUV & ROV Propulsion
BOLANDER, Mr. Christian    A Sine-Summation Algorithm for the Prediction of Ship Deck Motion AUV Simulations
BOUSQUET, Prof. Jean-François    Measurement of a 3D Coil Applied to Underwater Magneto-Inductive Communication Magnetic Field Studies
BROWN, Anita    Review of Modeling Techniques for Marine Debris Flows Geological sampling and modeling
BROWN, Mr. Hunter    Optical Mosaicking and 3D Reconstruction aboard an Underway Iver3 UUV AUV Imaging & Vision
BROWN, Mr. Hunter    Iver3 Benchseat Driver for Virtual Remote Helm Functionality AUV Control II
BUSHNELL, Mr. Mark    Status and Near-Term Plans for the U.S. IOOS Quality Assurance / Quality Control of Real-time Oceanographic Data (QARTOD) Project Ocean Data Quality and Access
BUSS, Mr. Matthias    Hand-Crafted Feature Based Classification against Convolutional Neural Networks for False Alarm Reduction on Active Diver Detection Sonar Data Classification I: Sonar
BUSS, Mr. Matthias    Investigation on Point Spread Function of MIMO SAS with Frequency Modulated Waveforms High-Resolution Seabed Mapping II
BUTKIEWICZ, Dr. Thomas    AR-ChUM: Augmented Reality Chart Update Mashup Data Visualization
CALLANAN, Mr. Clint    Evaluation of Electrode Materials for Benthic Microbial Fuel Cell Applications Innovative Tools and Devices
CANDY, Dr. James    Noisy Vibrational Response Estimation of a Cylindrical Object: Identification and Tracking Acoutic Signal Modeling
CAO, Mr. JinLiang    Application of Beamspace Imaging Algorithm in High-resolution Bathymetric Sidescan Sonar System Sonar Signal Processing IV
CARDIGOS, Ms. Sara    Using LAUVs in highly dynamic environments: influence of the tidal estuarine outflow in the thermocline structure Student Poster Competition
CARLON, Ryan    An Ocean Robot With A Winch ? Examing a new dimension in unmanned surface vehicle capabilities ASV Design
CHARDON-MALDONADO, Patricia    Riders on the Storm - CARICOOS Moored Oceanographic Data Buoys during the 2017 Hurricane Season Buoy Technology
CHAVE, Rene    Adapting Multi-Frequency Echo-sounders for Operation on Autonomous Vehicles Acoustic Observations
CHEN, Prof. Hsin-Hung    Seafloor Surveys using Deep-towed Vehicles for Mineral Resource Investigation off Taiwan Towed vehicles
CHEN, Prof. Jiawang    A high pressure holding and cutting device for sampling tube of natural gas hydrate Marine Geology
CHEN, Mr. Xinwei    Gaussian Process Regression for Estimating Wind Speed From X-band Marine Radar Images Student Poster Competition
CHENG, Chensheng    Vessel and Underwater Vehicles Cooperative Localization using Topology Factor Graphs Passive Observing Sensors
CHO, Dr. Hyeonwoo    Development of a Long-Range Marine Communication System for Fishery Buoy Searching Buoy Technology
CHOU, Prof. Yu-Cheng    Design of a Prototype Automatic Push Corer for ROVs Geological sampling and modeling
COLLETT, Mr. Chad    Enabling situational awareness by replacing mechanical pan-tilt-zoom camera system with a fully digital system in ocean observatories Novel Engineering Approaches II
CRAWFORD, Dr. Anna    Performance evaluation of a 3-D sidescan sonar for mine countermeasures High-Resolution Seabed Mapping I
CROUT, Dr. Richard    Calibration and Validation of Multiple Ocean Color Sensors Passive Observing Sensors
CRUZ, Mr. Fábio    Structural design of an innovative multifunctional artificial reef Student Poster Competition
CUI, Mr. Dong    Decentralized Formation Control of Multiple Autonomous Underwater Vehicles with Input Saturation Using RISE Feedback Method AUV Swarm Navigation & Control II
CURRAN, Ms. Molly    High Efficiency Hydraulic System for Battery Powered Hybrid Vehicles Vehicle Design
DALPE, Ms. Allisa    A Multi-Layered Approach to Autonomous Surface Vehicle Map-Based Autonomy AUV Navigation; Simulation
DE LA TORRE, Dr. Pedro    An ice-tethered buoy for fish and plankton research Buoy Technology
DEAN, Ms. Cayla    Magnetic Signature of Diel Vertical Migrations of Zooplankton Biological Observation Technologies
DELANDE, Mr. James    Improving Message Routing for Limited Bandwidth Acoustic Communication Under TDMA Constraints Acoustic Telemetry VI
DELBALZO, Mr. Donald    Submerged, Circular Slide Wave Energy Converters in Swell Ocean Energy: Waves I
DEMIRORS, Dr. Emrecan    Towards Robust High Speed Underwater Acoustic Communications Using Chirp Multiplexing Acoustic Telemetry VI
DEVEREAUX, Lt. j.g. Shelley    Inter-vessel Field Backscatter Calibration for Kongsberg EM2040 systems Sonar Signal Processing IV
DEWHURST, Dr. Tobias    Water-to-Wire Modeling and Simulation of a Wave Energy Converter for Off-Grid and Micro-Grid Applications Ocean Energy: Waves I
DEWHURST, Dr. Tobias    A Design of Experiments based approach to engineering a robust mooring system for a submerged ADCP Deep-water Observations
DHANAK, Prof. Manhar    Real-Time Localization of a Magnetic Anomaly E - M Sensing
DHANAK, Prof. Manhar    A Deep Learning Approach to Target Recognition in Side-scan Sonar Imagery Sonar Signal Processing III
DHANAK, Prof. Manhar    Characteristics of Observed Internal Waves in the Straits of Florida Physical Oceanography I
DHARMAVARAM NARENDRANATH, Dr. Aneet    Recurrence quantification analysis: nonlinear wave dynamics in the Kuramoto-Sivashinsky equation, response of the Tri-pendulum type and FlanSea WEC and extreme events Modelling Hydrodynamics I
DI VITO, Dr. Daniele    Set-Based Inverse Kinematics control of an UVMS within the DexROV project Adaptive or Learning Sampling
DIAZ-SANTOS, Mr. Jose    Statistical characterization of the largest DMR-whitened eigenvalue for source enumeration Sonar Array Design II
DILLON, Dr. Jeremy    Real-Time Interferometric SAS Processing with Ultra-Low Power Consumption High-Resolution Seabed Mapping II
DISNEY, Dr. Jane An online citizen science platform for Building Climate Resilient Communities Social Challenges Intensified with a Changing Climate
DONG, Mr. Haitao    Adaptive Matched Stochastic Resonance Enhanced Speedboat Seismoacoustic Signature under Heavy Background noise Sonar Signal Processing III
DORTON, Jennifer    Integrating marine weather data, forecasts and user assessments to upgrade the Marine Weather Portal Ocean Data Quality and Access
DUSEK, Prof. Jeff    Fostering Student Excitement for Marine Engineering in Fundamental Engineering Courses Workforce Education
EDWARDS, Ms. Kacey    Including Wave Rollers in a Regional Scale Coupled Modeling System for Nearshore Applications Modelling Hydrodynamics I
EGBEWANDE, Afolarin    Multipath Ambient Noise Characterization for Underwater Acoustic Communications Bioacoustics & Ambient Noise
FAN, Mr. Kuan    MIMO Sonar DOA Estimation Based on Improved Transmitting Diversity Smoothing (TDS) Sonar Signal Processing I
FAN, Mr. Kuan    Reconstruction of Cross-correlation Function for the Underwater Acoustical Localization Sonar Array Design II
FAN, Mr. Kuan    Ultra-wideband (UWB) Echo Synthesis Using Frequency Diverse MIMO Sonar Sonar Signal Processing V
FAN, Wei    Effect of inclination on the efficiency of artificial upwelling under the ocean current conditions Artificial Upwelling and Downwelling
FANG, Mr. Guocan    Precision-improved Passive Positioning Method in Underwater Asynchronous Multipath Environment Acoustic Telemetry IV
FAUZIYA, Farheen    Quaternion based representation of vector sensor receiver Acoutic Signal Modeling
FERREIRA, Dr. Fausto    Fostering marine robotics through competitions: from SAUC-E to ERL Emergency 2018 Workforce Education
FERREIRA, Dr. Fausto    Liability issues of Unmanned Surface Vehicles Marine Law and Security
FIORENTINO, Dr. Laura    Wave measurements from radar tide gauges Coastal Radars
FOOTE, Dr. Kenneth    Organizing error sources in a standard on active-sonar calibration by standard target Sonar Signal Processing IV
FOOTE, Dr. Kenneth    Using a sonar in a different environment from that of its calibration: effects of changes in salinity and temperature Sonar imaging
FRANSMAN, Jeroen    Distributed constraint optimization for autonomous mine counter-measures Mines and Mine Detection
FREDHEIM, Dr. Arne    Future Prospects of Marine Aquaculture Artificial Upwelling and Downwelling
FRONZAGLIA, Mr. William    Safety Factors and Innovation in Ropes & Cables Ropes and Cables
FU, Prof. Mingyu    Real-time Obstacle Avoidance of Hovercraft Based on Follow the Gap with Dynamic Window Approach AUV Simulations
FU, Prof. Mingyu    Energy-efficient Path Planning and Control Approach of USV Based on Particle Swarm Optimization AUV/ASV Swarms
FU, Mr. Qiang    Adaptive Modulation for Underwater Acoustic Communications Based on Reinforcement Learning Adaptive or Learning Sampling
FULA, Mr. João    AUV self-localization in structured environments using a scanning sonar and an extended Kalman filter Student Poster Competition
FULTON, Tom    Acoustic Disconnect Latest Technological Improvements for Mooring Systems Ropes and Cables
FURFARO, Mr. Thomas    A Distributed Framework for Embedded Collaborative Autonomy AUV/ASV Swarms
FURUSHIMA, Dr. Yasuo    Time series measurements of turbulent flows near an area of hydrothermal vents in the Okinawa Trough, Japan Physical Oceanography II
GANTI, Mr. Anil    Calibration and Direction of Arrival Performance of Sonar Arrays Composed of Multiple Sub-arrays Student Poster Competition
GAO, Dr. Guanjun    Influence of Temporal Dispersion on the Undersea Wireless Optical Communication and Its Mitigation using MLSE Optical Communication
GARG, Mr. Shubham    Adaptive Biased Random Walk Algorithm for Ocean Chemical Feature Tracking using an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Pollution Monitoring II
GEDER, Jason    Effect of Flow Interaction between Median Paired and Caudal Fins on Propulsion AUV & ROV Propulsion
GEORGE, Mr. Albert    R.I.C.E. - Aiding Coordinated Resilience Strategies for the South Atlantic Bight Social Challenges Intensified with a Changing Climate
GHANNADREZAII, Mr. Hossein    Securing a Janus-Based Flooding Routing Protocol for Underwater Acoustic Networks Acoustic Telemetry III: Protocols
GIPS, Dr. Bart    Through-the-sensor performance estimation of the Mondrian detection algorithm in sonar imagery Classification II
GIRON-SIERRA, Prof. Jose    Using an USV for automatic deployment of a boom around a ship: simulation and scale experiment Pollution Cleanup & Hazard Identification
GISH, Dr. L    Design of a Low Cost Open-Architecture Underwater Robotic Manipulator Using Additive Manufacturing Novel Engineering Approaches I
GOVINDASAMY, Mr. Vijaya Kumar    Response of a Monopile Substructure due to Breaking Wave Impacts Offshore Structure Performance
GUO, Ms. Jiaojiao    Research on Geomagnetic Navigation and Positioning Algorithm Based on Full-connected Constraints for AUV AUV Navigation
GUPTA, Mr. Arjun    Learning Autonomous Marine Behaviors in MOOS-IvP AUVs: AI control
HAGEN, Mr. Ove    Terrain referenced navigation using sand dunes and sand ripples in presence of tides AUV Navigation
HAGEN, Mr. Per Espen    Cassandra: An integrated, scalable, SAS based system for acoustic imaging and bathymetry High-Resolution Seabed Mapping I
HALEY, Pat    Distributed Implementation and Verification of Hybridizable Discontinuous Galerkin Methods for Nonhydrostatic Ocean Processes Physical Oceanography II
HALPIN, Sean    Aquanaut, an autonomous underwater robotic vehicle and hybrid subsea platform AUV Design
HAN, Ms. Han    Trajectory Tracking Control of Underwater Vehicle-Manipulator Systems Using Uncertainty and Disturbance Estimator AUV & ROV Manipulators
HAN, Dr. Peng    Vortex induced vibration of three rigidly coupled cylinders in equilateral triangle arrangement at small spacing ratio Port Logistics, Resilience and Security
HANSEN, Ms. Johanna    Autonomous Marine Sampling Enhanced by Strategically Deployed Drifters in Marine Flow Fields Student Poster Competition
HARRIS, Mr. Zachary    Preliminary Simulation Study of Combined Control and Cooperative Navigation for Underwater Vehicles AUV Swarm Navigation & Control I
HATSUSHIKA, Denik    Underwater VR Experience System for Scuba Training Using Underwater Wired HMD Holography and 3D Imaging
HE, Mr. Lei    Identification of Underwater Propeller Noise by Low-rank Approximation of Cyclic Spectrum Classification II
HE, Dr. Yuliang    Optimal Mismatched Filter Design with a Controllable Maximum Loss Sonar Signal Processing II
HEARIN, Dr. John    The Canaveral Shoals Blues: How beach nourishment using the Canaveral Shoals borrow site has impacted the surf breaks of Cape Canaveral and Cocoa Beach, Florida Marine Geology
HEITMANN, Jan    Self-Localization of Micro AUVs Using a Low-Power, Low-Cost Acoustic Modem Micro AUVs
HEITSENRETHER, Robert    Evaluating performance of acoustic Doppler current profilers on small, dynamic surface buoys ADCP Technology
HEITSENRETHER, Robert    Subsurface ADCP Buoy for Near Surface Current Observations in 200-300m Coastal Waters ADCP Technology
HENLEY, Dr. Heath    Deep Learning in Shallow Water: CNN-based 3D-FLS Target Recognition Classification I: Sonar
HOLLIS, Mr. Tanner    Hardware-in-the-Loop Simulation for the Proposed Slider-Crank Wave Energy Conversion Device Ocean Energy: Waves I
HOU, Mengxue    Path Tracking Error Analysis for Underwater Glider Navigation in a Spatially and Temporally Varying Flow Field Automatic Control
HUMPHREYS, Dr. Douglas    Modeling and Simulation of the Dynamics of Towed Array Systems Towed vehicles
HUSAIN, Mr. Salman    Effects of Hydrodynamic Coupling on Energy Extraction Performance of Wave Energy Converter Arrays Ocean Energy: Waves II
HYAKUDOME, Dr. Tadahiro    Development of ASV for using multiple AUVs operation AUV/ASV Swarms
HYAKUDOME, Dr. Tadahiro    Spiral Gliding Experiments of the Underwater Glider for Long-term Observation Glider Observations
IGOE, Mr. Phillip    Real-time Sensor Data Processing and Reaction in the Context of Autonomous Systems Array Signal Processing
IMAMURA, Dr. John    Numerical Simulations and Field Measurements of Current Flow in the Tokara Strait for Current Turbine Application Ocean Energy: Waves I
IOANA, Dr. Cornel    On the extension of acoustic flow metering devices to monitor underwater transient phenomena Sonar Signal Processing IV
IOANA, Dr. Cornel    Wideband Signal Processing Techniques for Interferometric Sonars Sonar Signal Processing II
IOANA, Prof. Cornel    Analysis of off-grid effects in wideband sonar images using compressive sensing High-Resolution Seabed Mapping II
ISCAR RULAND, Eduardo    Towards low cost, deep water AUV optical mapping Deep-water Observations
IVANOV, Dr. Leonid    Deep Sub-Surface Eddies in the Gulf of Mexico Physical Oceanography I
JEONG, Mr. Mingi    An Adaptive Route Plan Technique with Risk Contour for Autonomous Navigation of Surface Vehicles Vehicle Navigation
JI, Wenzhao    A magnetic dipole model of corrosion related shaft-rate electromagnetic fields for vessels Magnetic Field Studies
JIANG, Guangyu    Optimal design of frequency-invariant beamformers for circular arrays Sonar Array Design I
JIANG, Dr. Guangyu    Sparse Spatial Spectral Estimation for Underwater Multirank Signals Array Signal Processing
JIN, Mr. Chungkuk    Dynamic Responses of a Bottom-Set Gillnet Anchored to Seafloor Using Measured Environmental Data in the Southwest Coast of Korea Novel Engineering Approaches I
JIN, Mr. Zhihui    Validation of numerical simulation on the flow field of submarine with various types of stern appendages Naval Architecture
JOHNSON, Dr. Shawn    SAS Simulations with Procedural Texture and the Point-based Sonar Scattering Model High-Resolution Seabed Mapping I
KANDA, Mr. Yoshiki    Applying Lighting Marker and Stereo-vision to V-shaped-thruster Vehicle for AUV Deep Sea Docking AUV Control II
KANG, Mr. Taewoong    Measurement of Tonal Noise of Underwater Vehicle using Virtual Synthetic Array in Near-field Sonar Signal Processing I
KAZEMI, Dr. Amirkhosro    Hydrodynamics of Mangrove Roots and its Applications in Coastal Protection Green and Gray Infrastructure
KEENER, Paula    Ocean Literacy for Workforce Development in the Shipbuilding and Offshore Renewable Energy Sectors in Europe, in Support of the Blue Economy Workforce Education
KEMNA, Ms. Stephanie    Surfacing strategies for multi-robot adaptive informative sampling with a surface-base data hub Adaptive or Learning Sampling
KEMNA, Ms. Stephanie    On-board Adaptive Informative Sampling for AUVs: a Feasibility Study Field Trails with AUVs/ROVs
KEPLER, Mr. Michael    An Analysis of Simplifying Model Assumptions for Autonomous Underwater Vehicles Vehicle Design
KEPLER, Mr. Michael    Assessment of AUV Hydrodynamic Coefficients from Analytic and Semi-Empirical Methods Vehicle Design & Hydrodynamics
KIM, Jeongsoo    Hydro-Structural Behavior of Large Circular Cofferdam System under Marine Conditions Offshore Structure Performance
KIM, Mr. Juhwan    Development of Manipulation Purpose Small Agent Vehicle Using Momentum Gyro Wheel AUV & ROV Manipulators
KIM, Dr. Karl    Integrating In-situ, Laboratory and Computer Models for Coastal Hazards Pollution Cleanup & Hazard Identification
KIM, Prof. Min-sang    A Study on OFDM system Performance in Shallow underwater acoustic channel environment Acoustic Telemetry II: OFDM
KINJO, Prof. Atsushi    A 32 kHz Bandwidth, Robust TDD Synchonization, Underwater Small Area Acoustic Network (USAAN) System Acoustic Telemetry V
KLUGE, Mr. John    Magnetic signature of surface waves measured in a laboratory experiment E - M Sensing
KOHUT, Dr. Josh    Workforce Development Supporting the Blue Economy: A Master's Program of Integrated Ocean Observing at Rutgers University Workforce Education
KOREITEM, Mr. Karim    Synthetically Trained 3D Visual Tracker of Underwater Vehicles AUV Imaging & Vision
KUHNER, Mr. Joseph    Automating the Detection of Precipitation and Wind Characteristics in Navy Ocean Acoustic Data Bioacoustics & Ambient Noise
KUKULYA, Ms. Amy    Autonomous Chemical Plume Detection and Mapping Demonstration Results with a COTS AUV and Sensor Package Pollution Monitoring I
KULKARNI, Chinmay    Scalable Coupled Ocean and Water Turbine Modeling for Assessing Ocean Energy Extraction Numerical Modeling
KULKARNI, Chinmay    Clustering of Massive Ensemble of Vehicle Trajectories in Strong, Dynamic and Uncertain Ocean Flows Numerical Modeling
LANGIS, LT Daniel    Low Cost Expendable Buoys for Under Ice Data Collection Innovative Tools and Devices
LATHROP, Dr. Richard    The evolving role of Mid-Atlantic Ocean Data Portal in supporting ocean management Ocean Data Quality and Access
LAUN, Lieutenant Alexander    Development of a Small, Low-Cost, Networked Buoy for Persistent Ocean Monitoring and Data Acquisition Marine Law and Security
LEE, Mr. Andrew    All at Sea: The Modern Seascape of Cybersecurity Threats of the Maritime Industry Marine Law and Security
LEE, Mr. Guen-hyeok    FH-CSK Receiver with Fractional Fourier Transform for Covert Underwater Acoustic Communication Acoustic Telemetry I
LEMBKE, Chad    Utilizing Gliders and Acoustics to Identify Fish Habitat Hotspots Remotely Operated Vehicles
LERMUSIAUX, Prof. Pierre    Real-Time Sediment Plume Modeling in the Southern California Bight Pollution Monitoring II
LERMUSIAUX, Prof. Pierre    Time-Optimal Multi-Waypoint Mission Planning in Dynamic Environments AUV Mission Planning
LEVEQUE, Randall    Developing a Warning System for Inbound Tsunamis from the Cascadia Subduction Zone Coastal Hazards
LI, Mr. Bingxi    Autonomous Oil Spill Detection: Mission Planning for ASVs and AUVs with Static Recharging Pollution Monitoring I
LI, Dr. Chen    Underwater target classification using deep leaning Sonar Signals: Target ID
LI, Dr. Chuanlong    FCN and Siamese Network for Small Target Tracking in Forward-looking Sonar Images Sonar Signals: Target ID
LI, Mr. Chuanlong    Research on Side-scan Sonar Image Target Classification Method Based on Transfer Learning Classification I: Sonar
LI, Dr. Jianfeng    Research on Dynamic Hydrodynamic simulation of fin stabilizer with LBM Modelling Hydrodynamics I
LI, Le    Energy-awared Diving Control for An Deep-sea Hexapod Robot Deep-water Observations
LI, Dr. Peng    Use of Mode Intensity Distribution for Depth Discrimination with Horrizontal Array Sonar Array Design II
LI, Ms. Sainan    Robust Trajectory Tracking Control for AUV System Based on Fractional-Order PD Controller AUV Control I
LI, Shufeng    Observing an anticyclonic eddy in the South China Sea using multiple underwater gliders Physical Oceanography I
LI, Dr. Yanjun    Mechanical design consideration of an Underwater Inflatable Co-prime Sonar Array (UICSA) Tethers & Connectors
LIANG, Prof. Qingwei    Effect of nodes movement on all-terminal reliability of multi-AUV cooperative systems AUV Swarm Navigation & Control II
LIN, Mr. Jiayun    A vision assisted navigation method suitable for polar regions used by Autonomous Underwater Vehicle(AUV) AUV/USV Navigation
LIN, Mr. Tiancheng    The CFD simulation and experiment of a venturi-type artificial downwelling device Artificial Upwelling and Downwelling
LING, Mr. Zhiqiang    Joint Estimation of Doppler Scale and Frame Synchronization in Underwater Acoustic Communication Acoustic Telemetry V
LINGSHUAI, Meng    Feasibility Demonstration of Fan-wing Propulsion System Running in Underwater Environment AUV & ROV Propulsion
LIU, Prof. Lantao    Learning Partially Structured Environmental Dynamics for Marine Robotic Navigation AUV Positioning & Navigation
LIU, Wei    A Direct High-order Finite Difference Solution to the Helmholtz Equation in Ocean Acoustics Sound Propagation and Scattering
LIU, Prof. Xiaodong    The Design of 3D Forward-looking Sonar and Data Processing Methord Sonar Array Design I
LIU, Dr. Xiaodong    Numerical investigation on a novel VIV energy harvester for underwater mooring platforms Ocean Energy: Simulations
LIU, Xiyan    The Dynamics Modeling of the Underwater Falling Motion of the Irregular Body Modelling Hydrodynamics II
LIU, Ms. Xiyan    Hydrodynamic Force Modeling of an Irregular Body Modelling Hydrodynamics II
LIU, Mr. Xun    The design of control system based on autonomous underwater helicopter PID-Based Control of AUVs
LOFTIS, Jon    Communities and Areas at Intensive Risk in the Mid-Atlantic Region: A Reanalysis of 2011 Hurricane Irene with Future Sea Level Rise and Land Subsidence Coastal Hazards
LOFTIS, Jon    A Geospatial Analysis of +50,000 Citizen-Science collected GPS Flood Extents and Street-Level Hydrodynamic Model Forecasts during the 2017 King Tide in Hampton Roads, VA Innovative Tools and Devices
LOPERA TELLEZ, Olga Lucia    Human-in-the-loop for autonomous underwater threat recognition Mines and Mine Detection
LU, Dr. Dian    An Interference Suppression Technique Based on Deconvolution Algorithm and Null Constraint Sonar Signal Processing V
LU, Dian    Non Half Wavelength Element Interval Array Suppression for Tow-ship Interference Sonar Signal Processing V
LU, Mr. Kenneth    Adapting Autonomous Ocean Vehicle Software Systems to Changing Environments AUV Control I
LU, Mr. Yi-fan    Hydrodynamic Analysis and Optimization of New Underwater Helicopter Based on Scale Factor AUV Control I
LUCIANO, Katherine    Mapping Sand Resources on the Near (3-8 Nautical Mile) Outer Continental Shelf of the Southeastern US: Investigating Regional Trends in Sediment Thicknesses, Age Estimates, and Geologic Evolution Geological sampling and modeling
LUND, Dr. John    Small Energy Harvesting Autonomous Surface Vehicle ASV Design
LUTHER, Mark    Real Time Observations of Oceanographic and Meteorological Parameters for Maritime Transportation: Origins and Novel Applications Port Logistics, Resilience and Security
M.A, Dr. Atmanand    Design and Qualification of a Latching System for Experimental Undercarriage System for 6000 m depth Deepwater development technology
MA, Dr. Zhenling    Geometric Distortion Correction for the Underwater Images Beam Propogation & Optics
MADORE, Brian    NOAA's use of remote sensing technology and its coastal mapping program Hydrography
MAEHLE, Prof. Erik    Modelling and CFD Simulation of a Micro Autonomous Underwater Vehicle SEMBIO Micro AUVs
MAHER, Monica    The Corrosion and Biofouling Characteristics of Sealed vs. Perforated Offshore Monopile Interiors Offshore Structures
MAKLED, Ms. Esraa    Hierarchical Full-Duplex Underwater Acoustic Network: A NOMA Approach Acoustic Telemetry IV
MANDERSON, Travis    GPU-Assisted Learning on an Autonomous Marine Robot for Vision Based Navigation and Image Understanding AUV Imaging & Vision
MANGELSON, Joshua    Communication Constrained Trajectory Alignment For Multi-Agent Inspection via Linear Programming Student Poster Competition
MARGOLINA, Tetyana    BRS Sound Exposure Modeling Tool: A system for planning, visualization and analysis Data Visualization
MAROUCHOS, Mr. Andreas    A Portable Shallow Water Optic-Fibre Towed Camera System for Coastal Benthic Assessment Towed vehicles
MAROUCHOS, Mr. Andreas    Challenges in underwater image capture Imaging and Vision
MARQUES, Mr. Mario    Chemical and radiological detection using UAV?s with ATEX compliance: Proof of concept in port and maritime incident-based scenarios Remote Sensing & Classification
MARTINI, Mr. Andrew    Developments and applications of underwater LiDAR systems in support of marine science Hydrography
MARTINS, Alfredo    Underwater Acoustic Signal detection and Identification Study for Acoustic Tracking Applications Acoustic Observations
MARTINS, Alfredo    Modeling and simulation of a spherical exploration AUV AUV Design
MARTINSEN, Mr. Andreas    Curved Path Following with Deep Reinforcement Learning: Results from Three Vessel Models AUV Navigation; Simulation
MARULANDA, Mr. Juan    Learned Anticipation Strategy on Complex Behaviors and as an Approach to Generalization Behavior for the Coordination of a AUV Fleet AUVs: AI control
MASLOV, Mr. Dmytro    Application of Geostatistical techniques to support data acquisition and predict maritime variables Numerical Modeling
MASLOV, Mr. Dmytro    Innovative monitoring strategies for multifunctional artificial reefs. Offshore Structures
MATEO, Dr. David    Gradual Collective Upgrade of a Swarm of Autonomous Buoys for Dynamic Ocean Monitoring AUV Swarm Navigation & Control II
MCCORKLE, LT Justin    Active Sonar Matched Waveform for Resonant Spherical Mine Target Mines and Mine Detection
MCKENZIE, Mr. Trevor    Simulation and Experiment Waveform Comparison for Undersea Pulsed Laser in Application to Target Localization Beam Propogation & Optics
MEI, Mr. Haodi    An Adaptive MAC Protocol for Underwater Acoustic Sensor Networks With Dynamic Traffic Passive Observing Sensors
MEI, Mr. Haodi    A Novel LDPC-BICM-ID Scheme with Rotated Mapping QAM in Underwater Acoustic Communication Acoustic Telemetry IV
MENDELSOHN, Mr. Daniel    Lidar and Wave Radar Observations Analysis for Offshore Hurricane Conditions in the Gulf of Mexico Physical Oceanography I
MENDES, Dr. Renato    Development and deployment of an estuarine microbuoy Moored Technologies
MEYERS, Dr. Steven    Use of AIS Data to Quantify Wakes from Large Vessels and the Risk to the Shoreline Environment in Tampa Bay Port Logistics, Resilience and Security
MILES, Prof. Travis    Suspended particle characteristics from a Glider integrated LISST sensor Glider Observations
MILLER, Dr. Jerome    Data Agile Underwater Optical Communication Link using Flexible Data Formats and Orbital Angular Momentum Multiplexing Optical Communication
MIORIM, Mr. Felippe    Tool and Instrument Categorization for Smaller Classes of ROVs: A Proposal to Meet the Brazilian O&G Industry Requirements ROV Design
MIYOSHI, Dr. Machi    Characteristic test of the detonation sounds device for grazing seaweed damage by fish at shallow sea area in Japan Sound Propagation and Scattering
MODASSHIR, Md    MDNet: Multi-Patch Dense Network for Coral Classification Student Poster Competition
MORGAN, Kaitlyn    Dynamic beam shaping exploiting orbital angular momentum for underwater structured light illumination Optical Sensors
MOULTON, Jason    An Autonomous Surface Vehicle for Long Term Operations ASV Design
MOURYA, Dr. Rahul    Ocean Monitoring Framework based on Compressive Sensing using Acoustic Sensor Networks Acoutic Signal Modeling
NAGLAK, John    Backseat Control of SandShark AUV using ROS on RaspberryPi AUV Control I
NAKAJOH, Mr. Hidehiko    Development of full depth fiber optic cable ROV (UROV11K) system Tethers & Connectors
NAKAMURA, Mr. Sho    Development of Dual-eyes Docking System for AUV with Lighting 3D Marker Docking
NAND KISHORE KHATRI, Mr. Dheepak    Investigation of a Novel Approach for Ocean Current Power Generation: The Inclined-Axis Coaxial Turbine Student Poster Competition
NAU, Amy    Modeling the along-track sidelobe interference artifact in multibeam sonar water-column data Sonar Signal Processing V
NEGAHDARIPOUR, Prof. Shahriar    Underwater Forward-Scan Sonar Video Coding by Background Modeling and Synthesis for Real-Time Transmission Sonar imaging
NEGAHDARIPOUR, Prof. Shahriar    Analyzing Epipolar Geometry of 2-D Forward-Scan Sonar Stereo for Matching and 3-D Reconstruction Sonar imaging
NIAN, Prof. Rui    ELM and LOS Based Path Tracking for Autonomous Underwater Vehicles Planning and Searching Strategies
NIAN, Prof. Rui    An Effective Motion Control Based on 2-DOF PID and ELM for AUV Planning and Searching Strategies
NIAN, Prof. Rui    Fractional Order PID Motion control Based on Seeker Optimization Algorithm for AUV Planning and Searching Strategies
NIAN, Prof. Rui    Embedded Online Fish Detection and Tracking System via YOLOv3 and Parallel Correlation Filter Planning and Searching Strategies
NIAN, Prof. Rui    Application of AUV Navigation Based on Deterministic Particle Filter Algorithm AUV Navigation; Simulation
NICHOLS, Ms. Jacqueline    Imotus: An autonomous underwater resident vehicle for vertical profiling Profilers
NIEVES, Eric    Optimizing Correlations of Magnetic and Hydrodynamic Signatures E - M Sensing
NISHOLD, Mr. Selvaraj Sherlin Prem    Hydrodynamic and Geotechnical Stability of Geo-Tube and Gabion Armored Embankment Green and Gray Infrastructure
O DONNCHA, Dr. Fearghal    Scalable data assimilation schemes within nested recursive parallel programming model for advection-diffusion codes Numerical Modeling
OLSON, Ms. Elizabeth    Synthetic Data Generation for Deep Learning of Underwater Disparity Estimation Student Poster Competition
OROZCO, Mr. Juan    Development of a Core Sampling Skid for an Observation class ROV Remotely Operated Vehicles
OROZCO, Mr. Juan    VBS design and modelling for a coastal underwater glider Glider Observations
OROZCO-MUNIZ, Dr. Juan    CFD Modeling of the Hydrodynamics of the CIDESI Underwater Glider. Modelling Hydrodynamics I
OSEN, Mr. Ottar    A Novel Sea Farm Inspection Platform for Norwegian Aquaculture Application Field Trails with AUVs/ROVs
OSSE, Mr. Timothy    Oculus Coastal Glider, a New Shallow-Water Oceanographic Glider Glider Observations
PAGE, Mr. Brian    Collapsible Underwater Docking Station Design and Evaluation Docking
PAINE, Tyler    Adaptive Parameter Identification of Underactuated Unmanned Underwater Vehicles: A Preliminary Simulation Study AUV Navigation; Simulation
PARK, Dr. Jin-Yeong    Design of tether cable for a deep-sea walking ROV, Crabster CR6000 Tethers & Connectors
PATIL, Mr. Vikram    Development of an Efficient Compressor for Ocean Compressed Air Energy Storage Student Poster Competition
PAVIN, Dr. Alexander    A GeoJSON-based Mission Planning Language for AUV AUV Mission Planning
PAWAR, Suraj    Design of Ducted Propulsors for Towing AUVs AUV & ROV Propulsion
PAWLUKIEWICZ, Mr. Stanley    Split Aperture Coprime Beamforming Sonar Array Design I
PELEKANAKIS, Dr. Konstantinos    On Adaptive Modulation for low SNR Underwater Acoustic Communications Acoustic Telemetry VI
PERRY, Dr. Ruth    A Continuing Ocean Observing Collaboration to Improve Hurricane and Loop Current Forecasting and Modeling in The Gulf Of Mexico - Insights from 2017 & 2018 Seasons Wave & Current Measurement
PESSANHA SANTOS, Nuno    3D Model-based estimation for UAV tracking Imaging and Vision
PETRAITIS, Dawn    Wave module field evaluations between the NDBC SCOOP on modified 3-m foam hulls and nearby operational systems Buoy Technology
PETRAITIS, Dawn    Comparison of the NDBC 2.1-Meter SCOOP Buoy to the Operational 3-Meter Buoy Moored Technologies
PINTO, Dr. Marc    Split-beam Range-gated Doppler Velocity Sonar for Operations at High Altitude Above the Seabed Current Measurement Technology
PINTO, Dr. Marc    Long Term Accuracy of Synthetic Aperture Sonar Micronavigation Using a Displaced Phase Centre Antenna High-Resolution Seabed Mapping I
PINTO, Mr. Vítor    ALARS - Automated Launching And Recovering System for AUVs Student Poster Competition
POTTY, Dr. Gopu    Shear wave inversion using the horizontal to vertical ratio of Scholte wave particle velocity Remote Sensing & Classification
PRASAD, Bijoy    Hydrodynamics of Advanced-hull Surface Vehicles Modelling Hydrodynamics II
PRIEST, Mr. Brant    Geospatial Based Analysis to Assess NOAA?s Ocean Observing System Architecture Regarding Requirement Fulfillment Data Visualization
QIANG, Xizhu    Chirp Z-Transform Based Sparse Channel Estimation for Underwater Acoustic OFDM in Clustered Channels Acoustic Telemetry II: OFDM
QIANG, Xizhu    Analysis of Effective Signal to Noise Ratio Performance of a Typical Underwater Acoustic OFDM System Acoustic Telemetry II: OFDM
QUINTANA, Dr. Josep    Towards automatic recognition of mining targets using an autonomous robot Underwater Optics
RADOSEVIC, Mr. Dusan    Implementation and testing of JANUS and AORUN acoustic communication algorithms Acoustic Telemetry III: Protocols
RAHMAN, Sharmin    A Modular Sensor Suite for Underwater Reconstruction Imaging and Vision
RAHMATI, Mehdi    Adaptive Underwater Video Transmission via Software-Defined MIMO Acoustic Modems Underwater Optics
RAHMATI, Mehdi    SLAM-based Adaptive Sampling Using Autonomous Underwater Vehicles Adaptive or Learning Sampling
RAJAMANICKAM, Prof. Panneer Selvam    Hydrodynamic forces on a cylinder with anode Offshore Structure Performance
RAMESH, Dr. Swaminathan    A Practical solution to Plastic Waste (next major energy source) Novel Engineering Approaches II
RAMOTOWSKI, Dr. Thomas    Physical Methods for Controlling Cathodic Delamination on Outboard Cable Connectors Ropes and Cables
RAULEFS, Ronald    Increasing Long Range Coverage by Multiple Antennas for Maritime Broadband Communications Observation System Communications
REAL, Dr. Gaultier    Acoustic Laboratory for Marine Applications: Overview of the ALMA system and data analysis. Acoustic Observations
REKLEITIS, Dr. Ioannis    Experimental Analysis of Radio Communication Capabilities of Multiple Autonomous Surface Vehicles AUV/USV Navigation
RICHMOND, Dr. Kristof    SUNFISH® : A human-portable exploration AUV for complex 3D environments AUV Control II
RIZZO, Mr. William    AUVs Telemetry Range Extension through a Multimodal Underwater Acoustic Network Student Poster Competition
ROARTY, Dr. Hugh    Development of Sargassum Seaweed Tracking Tools Current Measurement Technology
ROBERTS, William    A Flexible Problem Definition for Event-Based Missions for Evaluation of Autonomous System Behavior AUV/USV Navigation
RODRIGUES, Mr. Pedro    Altitude control of an underwater vehicle based on computer vision Student Poster Competition
ROGERS, Laura    NASA's Mid-Atlantic Community and Areas at Intensive Risk Demonstration: Translating Compounding Hazards to Societal Risk Resilience Programs
ROWLEY, Jack    Autonomous Unmanned Surface Vehicle (USV): A Paradigm Shift for Harbor Security and Underwater Bathymetric Imaging Automatic Control
RZHANOV, Prof. Yuri    Quantitative assessment of camera calibration for 3D reconstruction of underwater scenes in the presence of refraction Optical Communication
SABA, Prof. Grace    Developing a profiling glider pH sensor for high resolution coastal ocean acidification monitoring Profilers
SABRA, Mr. Adham    Confidence based Underwater Localization Scheme for Large-Scale Mobile Sensor Networks AUV Swarm Navigation & Control I
SALGADO JIMENEZ, Dr. Tomas    A Neuro-Sliding Control for the Online Compensation of Disturbances that affects ROVs ROV Design
SALGADO JIMENEZ, Dr. Tomas    Design, Modeling and Control of a Micro AUV Micro AUVs
SANNASI ANNAMALAISAMY, Prof. Sannasiraj    Integrated Solution for Coastal Protection and Wave Energy Extraction Ocean Energy: Waves II
SATTERLEE, Mr. Kent    New Opportunities for Offshore Oil and Gas Platforms ? Efficient, Effective, and Adaptable Facilities for Offshore Research, Monitoring, and Technology Testing Offshore Structures
SAVONA, Ms. Meghan    Extraction and Analysis of DNA from Phytoplankton Samples Acquired Offshore the Outer Banks of North Carolina (2016-2018) New tools for biological sampling
SCHARFF WILLNERS, Mr. Jonatan    Kinodynamic Path Planning for Following and Tracking Vehicles Student Poster Competition
SCHLEGEL, Christian    Modeling of Underwater Acoustic Channels for Communication System Testing Acoutic Signal Modeling
SEN GUPTA, Dr. Ananya    Quantifying weathering profiles of environmental contaminants from coastal and marine oil spills using signal processing techniques Pollution Monitoring I
SEO, Mr. Ju won    Dynamic control of an underwater vehicle near wave surface AUV Control II
SHARR, LTJG Matthew    Utilizing Small Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) with Structure from Motion (SfM) for Shoreline Verification from NOAA Platforms Hydrography
SHEN, Ms. Yun    Flow Velocity and Temperature Measuring in Large- Scale Wave-Current Flume by Coastal Acoustic Tomography Wave & Current Measurement
SHENTU, Yichun    Modeling of axial underwater light filed by articial light source in clean water Beam Propogation & Optics
SHENTU, Ms. Yichun    Improvement of Underwater Color Discriminative Ability by Multispectral Image Optical Sensors
SHUMUK, Mr. Dan    The Next Generation of Buoys integrated with Current Profilers ADCP Technology
SIDELEAU, Mr. Scott    Intelligent Decision Aids to Improve Coordination in Communication-Limited Environments AUV Positioning & Navigation
SILVA, Mr. Murilo    An Improved Nonlinear Extraction of Directional Ocean Wave Spectrum from Bistatic HFSWR Using Tikhonov Regularization in Hilbert Scales Student Poster Competition
SILVERMAN, Mr. Alex    Enabling a Platform for Habitat and Marine Assessment with Real Time Monitoring and Synchronous Databasing. Towed vehicles
SINGH, Sandipa    Acoustic Communications for Long-Range Subsea Tsunami Warning Networks Coastal Hazards
SINGH, Mr. Surinder    Channel Access Model to Predict Impact of Authentication Attack on AIS Marine Law and Security
SIRIGU, Sergej    Pitch Resonance Tuning Tanks: a novel technology for more efficient wave energy harvesting Ocean Energy: Simulations
SKLIVANITIS, Dr. George    Sparse Waveform Design for Secure LPD/LPI Underwater Acoustic Communications Acoustic Telemetry V
SLOAN, Dr. Forrest    Predictive Damage Parameter for Fiber Ropes in CBOS Fatigue Ropes and Cables
SOCHELEAU, Dr. Francois-Xavier    Fast Soft Demapping for Underwater Acoustic Communications With Signal Space Diversity Acoustic Telemetry I
SOLOVIEV, Prof. Alexander    Evaluation of Magnetic Field Variations Induced by Submesoscale Processes in the Shallow Water Ocean Environment Magnetic Field Studies
SOLTAN, Katerina    Characterization of Miniature Underwater Actuator for Biomimetic Propulsion Student Poster Competition
SOMAYAJULA, Ms. Niru    Innovations in Piezoelectric Materials and their impact on Ocean Sensors and Transducers Sonar and Transducers
SON, Dr. Nam-Sun    On the sea trial test for validation of autonomous collision avoidance system of unmanned surface vehicle, ARAGON Field Trails with AUVs/ROVs
SONG, Dr. Zhuoyuan    Development of a Compact Autonomous Underwater Vehicle for Hierarchical Multi-Agent Cooperation AUV Swarm Navigation & Control II
SONG, Dr. Zhuoyuan    Simultaneous AUV Localization and Lagrangian Particle Tracking AUV Simulations
SPEARS, Dr. Anthony    Modular Controls and Instrumentation Software for Icefin ROV ROV Design
SPEARS, Dr. Anthony    Icefin: Redesign and 2017 Antarctic Field Deployment Field Trails with AUVs/ROVs
SPENCE, Dr. Heather    Bioacoustic Monitoring: Urgent Challenges and Opportunities on the MesoAmerican Reef System Bioacoustics & Ambient Noise
STACEY, Mr. Paul    Interoperable Ocean Observing using Archetypes: A use-case based evaluation Ocean Data Quality and Access
STOJANOVIC, Dr. Milica    Mobile Acoustic Communications: Real Data Analysis of Partial FFT Demodulation with Coherent Detection Acoustic Telemetry I
SUGIMATSU, Ms. Harumi    Improvement of the video camera system mounted on the balloon for supporting the visual census of river dolphins Bioacoustics & Ambient Noise
SUN, Xuandi    An Efficient Time Synchronization Protocol for Underwater Acoustic Networks with Capability of Prediction Sonar Signal Processing II
SUN, Xuandi    A Fault Tolerant Time Synchronization Protocol for Underwater Acoustic Networks Sonar Signal Processing II
SUNG, Mr. Minsung    Crosstalk Noise Detection and Removal in Multi-beam Sonar Images Using Convolutional Neural Network Observation System Communications
SWIDER, Anna    Data-Driven Vessel Operational Profile Based on t-SNE and Hierarchical Clustering Vehicle Design
TAHARA, Junichiro    Sea urchin survey by small ROV - study of the Urchin barren - New tools for biological sampling
TAN, Mr. Peisen    Numerical hydrodynamic simulation of dual oscillating cylinders under different angles for ocean engineering Modelling Hydrodynamics II
TANAKA, Mr. Sho    Wave Motion Alert system by Multiple Drones Wave & Current Measurement
TAO, Mr. Qiuyang    Omnidirectional Surface Vehicle for Fish Cage Inspection ASV Design
TAO, Mr. Xiuye    Motion Control of Autonomous Underwater Glider Based on ISMC AUV Design
TAO, Mr. Xiuye    Multi AUVs Cooperative Navigation Based on Information Entropy AUV Swarm Navigation & Control I
TECHET, Prof. Alexandra    Advanced quantitative imaging in high-backscatter environments Holography and 3D Imaging
TENG, Dr. Chung-Chu    Challenges of Establishing and Maintaining Reliable Water Level Observations Across the United States Diverse Coastal Environments Physical Oceanography II
THEIN, Prof. May-Win    Comparative Study of Heading and Speed Control Techniques for Autonomous Surface Vehicles (ASVs) AUV Navigation
THIELEMANN, Jens    A scatter removal technique to enhance underwater range-gated 3D and intensity images Imaging and Vision
THIELEMANN, Jens    High-resolution structured light 3D sensor for autonomous underwater inspection Holography and 3D Imaging
TIAN, Chuan    An untethered free-fall vertical profiler for deep ocean mixing measurements Profilers
TIAN, Chuan    Comparison Test of 300 kHz SCADCP and TRDI Workhorse Sentinel ADCP ADCP Technology
TIAN, Mr. Hao    A Vector Control Strategy for PMSM Based on a New Type Low Speed and High Torque Deep-Sea Motor Thruster Deepwater development technology
TIAN, Dr. Qiyan    Influence of Ambient Pressure on Performance of a Deep-sea Hydraulic Manipulator Designing for the Deep Sea
TOBIN, Mr. Scott    An Autonomous GNSS Wave Sensor Module for Deployment on Existing Buoy Infrastructure: Comparison and Validation of Co-located GNSS and Accelerometer Directional Wave Sensors Wave & Current Measurement
TOMANKA, Kevin    Analysis of Challenges in Remote Data Processing for Bathymetric Data Hydrography
TRAPANESE, Prof. Marco    New solutions for energy supply: sea wave and off-shore photovoltaic in Sardinia (Italy) Ocean Energy: Waves II
TRAPANESE, Prof. Marco    A Magnetohydrodynamic Generator for Marine Energy Harvesting Ocean Energy: Waves II
TRAPANESE, Prof. Marco    Designing an innovative system for sea wave utilization Ocean Energy: Novel Approaches
TRAPANESE, Prof. Marco    Desalination supplied by sea wave: The case study of Lampedusa Novel Engineering Approaches II
TRAPANESE, Prof. Marco    A sliding mass wave energy converter. Magnetic Field Studies
TRIZNA, Dr. Dennis    Coherent Marine Radar Observations of Rip Current Features with High Temporal Resolution Coastal Radars
TROCKEL, Dale    Mitigation of Offshore Wind Turbine on High Frequency Coastal Oceanographic Radar Coastal Radars
TRSLIC, Mr. Petar    Long term, inspection class ROV deployment approach for remote monitoring and inspection ROV Design
TRSLIC, Petar    Voxel Map Based Collision Detection for Underwater Manipulators AUV & ROV Manipulators
TUELLER, Peter    A Comparison of Feature Detectors on Underwater Sonar Imagery Sonar imaging
TYSON, Charlotte    Development of the First Flight High School Phyto-Finder's Database Web Application New tools for biological sampling
UDDIN, Mohammad    Modeling and Control of a Bio-Inspired Underwater Vessel with Undulating-Fin Propulsion Biorobotics & Biomimetics
VANDOR, Mr. Isaac    Applying Structured Light Laser Imaging to Underwater Obstacle Avoidance and Navigation AUV/USV Navigation
VASILE, Dr. Gabriel    IOT Acoustic Antenna Development for Fish Biomass Long-term Monitoring Sonar and Transducers
VASILE, Dr. Gabriel    Real-time Wideband Acoustic Signal Processing for Fish Counting Sonar and Transducers
VEERAMONY, Dr. Jay    Momentum exchanges in coupled ocean-wave modeling system Physical Oceanography II
VISHNU, Dr. Hari    Resolving Velocity Ambiguity Based on Robust Chinese Remainder Theorem for Multi-Frequency Pulse-to-Pulse Coherent Doppler Sonar Current Measurement Technology
VISHNU, Dr. Hari    A Metric for Selecting Waveforms of Multi-User Wideband Active Sonars Sonar Signal Processing III
VISHNU, Dr. Hari    A semi-supervised learning approach to polymetallic nodule parameter modeling Geological sampling and modeling
VO, Dr. Thanh    Evolution of NOAA Observation Portfolio Management Capabilities. Resilience Programs
WANG, Prof. Gang    A new algorithm for AUV pipeline recognition and location AUV Imaging & Vision
WANG, Prof. Gang    Study on the operation method of the crablike Robot's chelipeds Biorobotics & Biomimetics
WANG, Mr. Guanhua    Experimental study on cavity characteristics of low speed water-entry of cylinder based on high-speed imaging technology Vehicle Design & Hydrodynamics
WANG, Mr. He    Single hydrophone underwater source hyperbolic passive localization using multipath arrivals in shallow water Sonar Signal Processing I
WANG, Mr. He    An underwater acoustic OFDM communication system based on cyclic shift keying and chirp spread spectrum Acoustic Telemetry II: OFDM
WANG, Ms. Lijuan    Realization and Optimization of the LB-AGR Routing Protocol in Underwater Acoustic Network Test-bed Acoustic Telemetry III: Protocols
WANG, Ms. Lijuan    Design and Implementation of State-based MAC Protocol for UANs in Real Test-bed Observation System Communications
WANG, Mr. Lingxiao    AUV Navigation based on Inertial Navigation and Acoustic Positioning System AUV Navigation
WANG, Qi    Matched mode source localization based on second order cone optimization Sonar and Transducers
WANG, Mr. Shuo    Testbed AUV for Docking Algorithm Research Docking
WANG, Mr. Shuo    Active Temperature Control for Deep-Sea Samples Using Liquid Nitrogen Deep-water Observations
WANG, Ms. Zhouzhi    Study on the Pressure Retention Characteristic of a New Isobaric Water Sampler Deepwater development technology
WARD, Mr. Christopher    Ship classification from overhead imagery using synthetic data and domain adaptation Remote Sensing & Classification
WEAVER, Dr. Jeffrey    Adaptive Polling for Advanced Multibeam Underwater Data Collection Acoustic Telemetry V
WEBSTER, Mr. John    Hydrodynamic Analysis of an Underwater Vehicle in Free Dive AUV Design
WEI, Mr. Li    Reinforcement Learning-based Adaptive Path Planning for AUVs in Under-ice Environments Designing for the Deep Sea
WEST, Mr. Geraint    Optimising the performance of a longe range Ultra Short BaseLine tracking and telemetry system Vehicle Navigation
WILLIAMS, Dr. Albert    Three-Axis Tilt for Articulated Profiler Profilers
WILSON, Mark    Evaluating Autonomous Behaviors for Plume Tracking Pollution Cleanup & Hazard Identification
WOLBRECHT, Dr. Eric    Uncertainty Analysis of Ultra-Short- and Long-Baseline Localization Systems for Autonomous Underwater Vehicles Vehicle Navigation
WOOD, Dr. Stephen    Autonomous Sub-Surface Covert Littoral Node (CLN) AUV/ASV Swarms
WOOD, Dr. Stephen    Ordnance Recovery Crawler Mines and Mine Detection
WOOD, Dr. Stephen    Ocean Energy Turbine Blade Analysis Ocean Energy: Simulations
WOOLSEY, Craig    An Immersed Spheroidal Pendulum Oscillating Near a Free Surface AUV Simulations
WOOLSEY, Craig    A Modular Biolocomotion Emulator for Hydrodynamic Testing in a Towing Tank Biorobotics & Biomimetics
WU, Chaofan    Underwater light field modeling in the central horizontal line of LED light source Beam Propogation & Optics
WU, Mr. Chaopeng    Development of an underwater multispectral imaging system based on narrowband color filters Optical Sensors
WU, Mr. Donglai    Integrated design of an active heave compensation crane with hydrostatic secondary control Novel Engineering Approaches I
WU, Feiyun    Striation-based signal separation with a vertical line array in the deep ocean Sound Propagation and Scattering
WU, Mr. Gang    Structural Design and Stroke Kinematics Analysis of a Water Strider Robot Biorobotics & Biomimetics
WU, Mr. Yiping    FEA-Based Failure Analysis of a UHP Chamber for Simulation of Deep Sea Conditions Deepwater development technology
XIA, Mr. Hui    Numerical Prediction on Non-cavitating Noise of a New Type of Ducted Propeller Naval Architecture
XIANG, Mr. Jumiao    NSMC and RBF neural network based Guidance Law with impact angle for AUV AUVs: AI control
XIAO, Mr. Sa    A PID-Controlled HVC with High Dynamic Stability for Underwater Observation Network Novel Engineering Approaches I
XIAO, Wenbin    Numerical Investigation of the Frequency-domain Coupled Hydrodynamics for Two Ships Advancing at Close Proximity in Waves Array Signal Processing
XIAO, Dr. Wenbin    DOA Estimation of Near-field Passive Sources with Acoustic Array Based on Fractional Fourier Transform Array Signal Processing
XIE, Ms. Keren    A Novel Plate-type Thermoelectric Power Generation Module for Seafloor Hydrothermal Fluids Ocean Energy: Novel Approaches
XU, Mr. Lixue    Binocular Vision of Fish Swarm Detection in Real-time Based on Deep Learning Biological Observation Technologies
XU, Ming    A New Idea for Moored Profiler System Moored Technologies
XU, Mr. Ming    Simulation of Photon Distribution in Underwater Laser Communication Optical Communication
XU, Mr. Zhenyu    Preliminary Study on Monitoring System for the Demonstration Area of Artificial Upwelling Artificial Upwelling and Downwelling
YAMASHITA, Mr. Kohei    Improvement of 3D Pose Estimation Abilities by Light-Emitting-3D Marker for AUV Docking Docking
YAN, Prof. Jun    In situ Raman detection of gas hydrate in the South China Sea Novel Engineering Approaches II
YAN, Dr. Lu    High precision imaging method utilizing calibration and apodization High-Resolution Seabed Mapping II
YAN, Mr. Shuxue    A Fast AUV Adaptive Sampling Path Planning Method Based on Online model prediction Pollution Monitoring II
YAN, Dr. Shuxue    Development and Application of Haidou ARV An Autonomous and Remotely Operated Vehicle for Full-Depth Ocean Detection Designing for the Deep Sea
YAN, Dr. Shuxue    Experimental hydrodynamic model identification of Autonomous Underwater Vehicle for Improved Control Pollution Cleanup & Hazard Identification
YU, Dr. Yang    CQT-based Underwater Target Classification using Convolutional Neural Network Classification II
ZHANG, Ms. Chenyun    Depth Control of Floating Ocean Seismograph Based on Variable Buoyancy System PID-Based Control of AUVs
ZHANG, Feng    An Adaptive Optics System for Partially Blocked Optical Path in Wireless Laser Communication Optical Sensors
ZHANG, Mr. Jianxin    A Novel Scheduling Method for Underwater Acoustic Network Passive Observing Sensors
ZHANG, Muhang    A Stability Improved Feature Selection Method for Classification of Ship Radiated Noise Classification II
ZHANG, Mr. Peihao    Design of Pressure Maintenance and Temperature Control System in Gas Hydrate Shipboard Testing Technology Marine Geology
ZHANG, Prof. Qifeng    Design and Experiment of Deep-sea Energy-storage Buoyancy Regulating System Designing for the Deep Sea
ZHANG, Prof. Qifeng    Research and Experiment of an Underwater Stereo Vision System Underwater Optics
ZHANG, Prof. Yuzhi    Underwater Acoustic Multi-user OFDM Bit Loading with Markov Chain based Channel State Information Prediction Acoustic Telemetry VI
ZHAO, Prof. Chen    Model of shore-to-air bistatic HF radar for ocean observation Coastal Radars
ZHAO, Mr. Xinyuan    A Receding Horizon Motion Planner for Underwater Vehicle-Manipulator Systems AUV & ROV Manipulators
ZHAO, Ms. Yue    Transient electromagnetic detection of unexploded ordnance buried in underwater sediments E - M Sensing
ZHENG, Ms. Shu    Hydrodynamic Analysis of the New Type Energy Capture Device Ocean Energy: Simulations
ZHENG, Shu    Prediction of wave load on a large container ship Naval Architecture
ZHENG, Dr. Yahong    3-Dimensional Path Planning for Autonomous Underwater Vehicles AUV Mission Planning
ZHOU, Mr. Puzhe    A Novel Device for AUV Tracking and Localization Vehicle Navigation
ZHOU, Mr. Puzhe    A Long-stroke Submersible Solenoid Actuator Used for Underwater Release Device of Hybrid Profiler Moored Technologies
ZHOU, Ms. Xingyue    Cyclic Line Detection Based on Hypothesis Test and Experimental Verification Sound Propagation and Scattering
ZHOU, Mr. Zhiwei    An underwater nature vibration analysis method of a Z-reinforced sandwich structure with cavities Naval Architecture
ZHU, Mr. Huangchao    Research on Distributed Synchronous Acquisition System for Seabed Terrain Deformation Monitoring Observation System Communications
ZHU, Dr. Xiao-Hua    Coastal acoustic tomography experiment for mapping tidal current structures in Dalian Bay, China Current Measurement Technology
ZIEGWIED, Andrew    Containerized Autonomous Marine Environmental Laboratory - Enhancing Coastal Resiliency with New Technologies Remotely Operated Vehicles
ZIMMER, Mr. Christoph    Transmitter Pattern Optimization by Conformal Antenna Shape Design Sonar Array Design I